If Minecraft Houses Is So Bad, Why Don't Statistics Show It?

4 January, 2023

If Minecraft Houses Is So Bad, Why Don't Statistics Show It?

Blaze Gaming is a Minecraft network running for over 4 years without interruption, we host a variety of fun game modes such as Pixelmon, Skyblock and Survival SMP! While asking complete strangers to host you could be considered spam, most friends would be more than willing to host your channel when they're not streaming. In November 2013, it was reported that the landing page for the original channels had become a redirect to a 404 error page, seemingly as a way for Google to remove any reference to the original channel initiative. The main highway through the area, US 67, was extended through the region in 1934, on the way to termination in Presidio. In 2008, the NVRC announced that four Virginia local governments, including Arlington and Fairfax counties and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, had agreed to help fund a project to protect and preserve the boundary stones by providing matching funds to a Transportation Enhancement Grant that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) had received from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). These markers are between the Northwest No. 6 and Northwest No. 7 boundary markers of the original District of Columbia. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GameCube) boxart. The game was praised as a result of reviewers' preference of the original trilogy over the prequel trilogy.

They may be available on Facebook Watch in their home territory and other markets where Facebook Watch does not have the first run license, without the Facebook Watch Original label, some time after their first-run airing on their original broadcaster. In 1987, Viacom sought to expand its horizons by launching the new Viacom Network Enterprises division, which was led by Ronald C. Bernard, in order to develop and exploit properties outside of the core cable business and the company would ride herd on diverse enterprises as Viacom's pay-per-view venture, Viewer's Choice, Satellite Direct, Inc. and SMA TV, and handle strategic planning and new business development for Viacom Networks Group, and would develop merchandising, licensing and home video business around the two Viacom subsidiaries it was currently operating, Showtime-The Movie Channel, Inc. and MTV Networks. In 1985, Viacom acquired Showtime/The Movie Channel, Inc. from Warner-Amex, ending the joint venture. In 1976, Viacom started Showtime, a pay movie channel, with Warner-Amex taking a half-share ownership. The term eventually expanded into use by various cable-originated television networks (including, among others, Disney Channel, TNT and USA Network) to identify their in-house productions. Paddy Chayefsky and Billy Wilder have also won three screenwriting Oscars: Chayefsky won two for Original Screenplay (The Hospital and Network) and one for Adapted Screenplay (Marty), while Wilder won one for Adapted Screenplay (The Lost Weekend, shared with Charles Brackett), and two for Original Screenplay (Sunset Boulevard, shared with Brackett and D.M. This is a subreddit for artists to link their stores, sell their wares, and connect to people looking to purchase original art or hire artists for commissions. Show off the final piece of the art you commissioned. Each Minecraft Craft-a-Block comes with an accompanying accessory and a piece of a nether portal. Another D.C. entrance marker stands in a traffic circle (Blair Circle) near downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, at the junction of Eastern Avenue NW, 16th Street NW, N. Portal Drive NW and Colesville Road. Williams, Kim, District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office, Washington, D.C. The north-south axis is a straight line connecting the north and south cornerstones of the original District of Columbia. The last year for the original Can-Am championship was 1974. Spiraling costs, a recession in North America following the oil crisis, and dwindling support and interest led to the series being canceled and the last scheduled race of the 1974 season not being run. 2) "Garden Club of America Entrance Markers at Chevy Chase Circle". One pair of markers is located within Westmoreland Circle at the junction of Western Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue NW.

Others were more upbeat, believing the Switch approach would fit in well in the Japanese market, where space for dedicated consoles and televisions are limited, and transition into Western ones. Two similar markers flank Wisconsin Avenue at Western Avenue in Friendship Heights, near the Friendship Heights Metro Station. One Virginia boundary marker was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, and another in 1980. In 1991, the remaining Virginia boundary markers were added to the National Register in response to a Multiple Property Submission that the Virginia DAR had submitted. United States Department of the Interior: National Park Service: National Register of Historic Places Registration Form. The tables also contain the year that each stone was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Weekly List of Actions Taken on Properties: 10/28/96 THROUGH 11/01/96: United States Department of the Interior: National Park Service: National Register of Historic Places. There are usually virtual copies of places and objects from various other games, toons and films, like Final Dream VII, Spirited Away or Game of Thrones.We must furthermore mention that the sport is converted into most languages utilized in the entire world. Archaeology sites. Minecraft will add dedicated archaeology sites to Minecraft, and these locations will presumably be the only places you can do archaeology. There are many different types of unblocked games available, so you can find one that suits your play style. And the most prolific programmers and prophetic writers get to where they are because they are incredibly disciplined when it comes to their craft. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. A game artist is a visual artist who creates video game art. The pressing is quite solid, and the cover art is nice. Backing singer Erica Newell, formerly of the Melody Makers sings on the cover of "Our Day Will Come". However, young children do not apply this strategy and 7 does not come out on top in children of age eight and nine. Participants include Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Young Hollywood founder R.J. The Hollywood Reporter. Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group. It was only in 1987 that a film archivist found an unmarked (mute) 35mm reel in a Hollywood film laboratory with the negative trims of the unused scenes. The process of editing the pilot into "The Menagerie" disassembled the original camera negative of "The Cage", and thus, for many years it was considered partly lost. Accompanied by positive and negative photocopies of 3 letters dated 1793 relating to the map, 1 of which signed by: And'w Ellicott. When asked about audio player implementation in the wiki, and limits of what could be uploaded, C418 replied to Herobrine claims relating to disc 11. He stated that he cannot say a lot about 11, but that it is not anything to do with Herobrine. The prop head from The Outer Limits episode "Fun and Games" was used to make a Talosian appear as a vicious creature. In 2010, SciFiNow ranked this the third best episode of the original series. ↑ 49.0 49.1 "Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place". ShipEngine's sandbox environment gives you a safe place to experiment, test, and develop your app without incurring costs or affecting your production data. World War II along the Burma Road becomes a Rat Pack romp (well, two of them anyway: Frank and Peter Lawford) with Steve McQueen filling in for Sammy Davis, Jr. (after "Smokey" was written out of the picture for incurring the Chairman's wrath). Steve and Alex are available as downloadable content in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros.

This laptop-class CPU provides far more oomph than most tablet apps will ever need, ensuring you can get work done without slowdown no matter how many tabs you have open, or how intense your creative processes are. In Chromium, the policies associated with active processes can be viewed at chrome://sandbox. After the Cherokee were forced to move to Indian Territory, various groups associated with the Keetoowah Society worked to preserve traditional culture and its teachings. Over the years the outfit was accessorized with other articles associated with that year's State Fair of Texas theme. The game was revealed at American International Toy Fair. In 2002, Viacom's MTV Networks International bought independently run Dutch music video channel TMF, which at the time was broadcasting in Belgium and the Netherlands. Copy this URL, then go to your Twitch channel. Development of the medium-lift launcher began in 2005, and it first flew on June 4, 2010. The Falcon 9 v1.0 then launched four Dragon cargo spacecraft: one on an orbital test flight, then one demonstration and two operational resupply missions to the International Space Station under a Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. In 2005, the Arlington County, Virginia, government erected historical markers near the Southwest Nos. The District of Columbia (initially, the Territory of Columbia) was originally specified to be a square 100 square miles (260 km2) in area, with the axes between the corners of the square running north-south and east-west, The square had its southern corner at the southern tip of Jones Point in Alexandria, Virginia, at the confluence of the Potomac River and Hunting Creek (later the site of the Jones Point Lighthouse).

The east-west axis is a straight line connecting the east and west cornerstones of the original District of Columbia. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GameCube) instruction booklet, pp. Marriott, Scott Alan. "LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - Overview". The top 25 original programs also averaged around 1 million views per week at the time of the announcement. This category includes television programs that have regularly aired their first-run episodes on American Broadcasting Company. This includes Kickstarters and any site where you can not directly buy the product. These changes were implemented on version 1.3 of the license, which includes a new provision allowing certain materials released under the license to be used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license also. In 2000, the twins were signed to Aquarius Records and released their album, Olé Olé. The merger was completed in May 2000, bringing CBS Cable's channels TNN (now Paramount Network) and Country Music Television (CMT) under Viacom's MTV Networks wing, as well as CBS's production units and TV distributors Eyemark Entertainment (formerly Group W Productions) and King World under the main wing. He holds the world record for longest Hardcore game ever. While the original CastleMiner was a creatively focused experience the sequel pushes the game into survival orientated gameplay instead aligning it with other games in the genre that offer a survival sandbox experience in a block based game world. We also offer insights into strategic and growth analyses and data necessary to achieve corporate goals and critical revenue decisions. In 1998, Michael Berlyn, a former Implementor at Infocom, started a new game company, Cascade Mountain Publishing, whose goals were to publish interactive fiction. After all, the simple cool Minecraft houses in the game are all adorned with minimalism and propriety. Several years later, when they are coincidentally in the same town, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when people mistake them for each other. “It's about creating content during a time when people most need it,” he said. With less than 10% of your followers ever seeing your content, creating new visual and written content daily to "feed" the algorithms, and doing this across multiple platforms resulted in so much more work of podcasters. Net worth: $25 millionThese self-proclaimed “Internetainers” are known for creating and hosting the YouTube series Good Mythical Morning. The player's health is represented by four hearts; when these hearts are depleted, the player dies, and a small amount of their studs bounce away. Small characters like the Ewok and Jawa can crawl through hatches to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? Smart Moving Mod is very visceral with its relation allowing for a lot of fresh purposes that let you sail the tract much quicker, sander & totally much fewer efficaciously. Please give as much information as you can about what you are looking for. Bowser's Castle, ship, and Boo's House are also joining the list with other Mario inspired surprises to discover. You will have to invest some time in gathering the hefty list of resources this house requires if you're wanting to build it in Survival Mode.

You can build bases, raise armies, and raid each other. She opened it before I got to it and gave me a talk about how menstrual cups aren't well tested and can be even more dangerous than tampons. Two weeks after the option expired on June 1, 1965, Hunter formally gave his letter requesting separation from the project. National Historic Landmark, in 1976 at the instigation of the Afro-American Bicentennial Corporation, which gave the stone its name: Benjamin Banneker: SW-9 Intermediate Boundary Stone. As part of the project, in January 2015 a DDOT crew unearthed a stone buried in 1962 that had replaced Southeast No. 8, with the intention of cleaning and restoring the marker. In 2014, the National Park Service, the historic preservation staff of the District of Columbia Office of Planning, the DDOT and the DAR initiated an effort to rehabilitate the boundary markers that were located along the District's contemporary boundaries. The marker is between the North Corner boundary marker and the former site of the Northeast No. 1 boundary marker of the original District of Columbia. On his way back north he was caught at Leicester by an army under Edmund, but battle was averted by the mediation of Archbishop Wulfstan of York, on behalf of the Vikings, and probably the Archbishop of Canterbury acting for the English. There is no single way to learn how to make a Twitch overlay as there are a number of approaches. The 36 extant and four missing boundary stones are tabulated in sequence below, beginning at the southern corner and proceeding clockwise, in the same order as the stones were placed. The survey team then cleared a corridor along the boundary route to facilitate surveying, traveling clockwise from the point and placing sandstone boundary markers at the four corners and at intervals of approximately one mile. In 1990 and 1991, a resurveying team to celebrate the boundary markers' bicentennial located two of the then-missing stones. After the demise of the South Pacific Championship, with no tournament played in 1991, the competition was relaunched as the Super 6 in 1992. The original Super 6 competition consisted of three provincial teams from New Zealand: Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington; along with two Australian state teams: Queensland and New South Wales; and also the Fiji national team. Buying wine in its original case tends to be more valuable than individual bottles. Historically, citizens have turned to alternatives of fiat when the buying power of their government-created unit of account weakened drastically due to inflation. If you constantly post only your own links without any other account activity, you are considered a spammer. You must use one of these labels in the TITLE of your post. Archived from the original on October 8, 2015. Retrieved April 1, 2016. Note: A June 1, 2015, comment by RossEmery following this article disputed information in the article's title. Original programming (also called originals or original programs, and subcategorized as "original series", "original movies", "original documentaries" and "original specials") is a term used for in-house television, film or web series productions to which the exclusive domestic and, if the originating service operates non-domestic versions of the service outside of their home country, international broadcast rights are held by traditional and over-the-top content providers. Television and Lionsgate Television-that may also handle distribution responsibilities for domestic and international syndication on behalf of the originating network. On August 25, Time Warner Cable and the Big Ten Network announced in a joint statement that the two parties had reached a carriage deal. Dunham, Jeremy (8 August 2006). "LEGO Star Wars II: Episode IV Revisited". Dunham, Jeremy (7 September 2006). "LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Review (PlayStation 2)". IGN. Jarrard, Brian; O'Connor, Frank; Smith, Luke (September 20, 2007). "The Bungie Podcast 09/20/07: With Chris Gossett, Martin O'Donnell and Joseph Staten". Geddes, Ryan (9 November 2007). "LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review". GameSpot's Ryan Davis estimated that it could be completed in six hours, but praised its bonus content. After an earlier landing party failed to gain entry from the surface, six members of the Enterprise crew prepare to beam into the Talosians' underground complex, but only Pike's first officer and yeoman-both women-materialize in Pike's cell to offer further temptation. In 2016, SyFy ranked "The Cage" as the fifth best out of six Star Trek TV show pilots, with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Emissary" in first place. Sanitation tablets and filtration systems would be a significant component of the best emergency food kit. For 3D games like Minecraft, Java is also not very well optimized, and it wouldn't have performed well on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which are among the first systems it was made available for. Lego Star Wars II was created for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable (PSP), and Xbox 360. Differences exist between platforms: the DS and GBA versions have some different playable characters than the other versions, and the DS and PSP versions support a "Wireless Lobby" for multiplayer gameplay.

Lego Star Wars II's gameplay is from a third-person perspective, and takes place in a 3D game world that contains objects, environments, and characters designed to resemble Lego pieces. Between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, Viacom syndicated several shows produced by Carsey-Werner Productions, namely The Cosby Show, A Different World and Roseanne. Several of these were originally independent systems that CBS acquired in the 1960s. The division was known as Viacom Cablevision until the early 1990s, when it was renamed to Viacom Cable. As a result, BET was separated from MTV Networks, into a division known as BET Networks. You can bet I'll be working hard to update our list of the best Minecraft seeds once part 2 of Caves and Cliffs drops! It received BAFTA nominations in three other categories, including "Best Game". The game received awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and Spike TV, among others. If you watch sports on TV, at some point you've probably heard a commentator talk about an athlete having explosive or powerful muscles. Bonus points for having some cool rock formations. Price, size, medium, usage/rights, visual examples of work you are looking for, and when you need the work by are all good starting points. Working from his office at Bungie, dubbed the "Ivory Tower", O'Donnell worked with mission designers to set points in the game that trigger segments of music. Step 3: On the right, select Twitch as your service (if it's not set already). It's also a simpler design than an RWD arrangement since the engine and transmission are placed next to each other. Four songs from the album are penned by singer & keyboardist, Desi Hyson. If you have a lot of work you would like to show off, please make an imgur album with links. While maps in the Nether work, they show only the red-and-gray pattern, regardless of the blocks placed. The specified orientation results in a diamond shape for the District's original boundaries on most maps. The overall accuracy of the historic survey and the survey using 2011 technology produced remarkably similar results. The list of the houses in the guide range from difficult ones to more easier designs, so do choose according to your skill level for the best results.

It was created in 1940 as a separate writing award from the Academy Award for Best Story. 4. Click the pencil icon next to your newly created world in Realms. The Flashy Minecraft House may look difficult to construct, but it's genuinely one of the cool easy Minecraft houses to add to your world. It uses a combination of Grey and White Concrete and houses a sizable swimming pool too, should you need to take a quick virtual bath. If build right, the Substantial Minecraft House happens to achieve just that, blending in a magnificent combination of Concrete and Wood. If you'd like to swap out the Grey Concrete with White Concrete, you're more than welcome to do so. 3. Music outside of the first two parameters is allowed only if you're performing on Twitch Sings. 38. Inappropriate builds are not allowed. You are voting for the performer and their over-all history, not just for the song that won the Oscar. In addition to the music composed by O'Donnell and Salvatori, the announcement of the Halo 3 Soundtrack was followed with a call for entries to all artists or bands to submit their own original song to be included on the final CD. It is able to both wake you up and put you back to sleep, making this the perfect song for spring in both the real world and in Minecraft itself. Luckily, all players start with a map in any world they create or join, so finding your way back home is easy, assuming you can read a map better than I can. Many of us maintain large numbers of (supposedly secure) personal online profiles that afford us a convenient way to deal with recurring monthly or annual payments. Choosing which version of "Minecraft" to buy is a matter of personal preference. Behind them is an organization whether it be a board, lobbyist or special interest group that feeds them a daily script and/or voting schedule and the process is simple, the puppet keeps their position as long as they are willing to place personal ideas and convictions aside and regurgitate the information and ideologies of those who have placed them in this position. His father is of Native Hawaiian and Samoan descent; and his mother, who is from Iowa, is of German, Irish, and Native American ancestry. The creators and the network were concerned that Josef, whose relationship with Mick was important, would appear as more of a "father figure" rather than as a friend. Madonna is a partner with the dance channel DanceOn, while O'Neal plans the Comedy Shaq Network. The YouTube Original Channel Initiative was a $100 million program funded by Google to bring original content onto Google. This is not a crowdfunding community or a place to only promote your youtube channel or socials. The remaining sides were marked with the year that the team placed the stones and with the variation ("Var.") of the compass needle at that place. On January 1, 1793, Andrew Ellicott submitted to the commissioners a report that stated that the boundary survey had been completed and that all of the boundary marker stones had been set in place. There's plenty of space to walk around, set yourself up with a bed to sleep on, and embellish the house with Lanterns and whatnot to tailor the crib to perfection. Later on, for some time, I tried my hand on Android development for a month or so, but that didn't seem too interesting. Android: Open the Notifications Center on your Android phone or tablet and press the Cast icon.

Patrick Stewart. It contained interviews with Gene Roddenberry, Maurice Hurley, Rick Berman, Mel Harris, cast members from Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation, clips from both series and the Star Trek films I through IV with a small preview of Star Trek V. It was later rebroadcast on UPN in 1996 with a behind the scenes look at Star Trek: First Contact. Gene Roddenberry paid a lot of attention to what The Outer Limits team was doing at the time, and he was often present in their studios. Microsoft Studios' Roger Carpenter has confirmed to VG247 the date for Minecraft XBLA will be announced today. Buy Twitch viewers and chatters from BoostHill today to kickstart your Twitch aspirations! Earlier today it was announced that Minecraft has sold over 20 million copies worldwide on PC since its launch and the developer, Mojang even boasted about selling 10,364 copies on PC within the 24 hours leading up to that announcement. The two companies eventually re-merged in 2019, leading to the formation of ViacomCBS, now known as Paramount. He had supported Chester Polk Cornelius, an Oneida who had "engaged them in speculative schemes", leading to splintering of the religious group into multiple factions. Finally all 6 who cleared the technical rounds were selected for a 6 months internship at Vmware, Bangalore. If you can consistently shoot a one- hole, five-shot group, try putting 10 rounds into a single hole. Some house ideas in Minecraft can have a rustic design but still manage to pull off a cool look. The newer stylus also features a matte finish and angular design that makes it more pleasant to hold in the hand and less likely to roll away on you. For that reason, Apple's latest iPad Mini features an A15 Bionic Chip, a full range of connectivity, and even the same camera array as the iPad (2022). you won't save any cash by going smaller, but if it's the most ideal size for your, the Mini is worth it, even at about the same price. Jeff Bell, corporate vice president of global marketing for Microsoft, commended Lego Star Wars II for expanding the range of consumers for the Xbox 360, noting its family-friendly appeal. The premium expansion introduces a whole range of new content for the ARPG. Also, don't understand the whole back and forth with money. This money allows for investment in quantum computing and Photonic chips, making the player's operational power greater than ever. Getting the mod will give you endless money and resources. While smaller ceilings help avoid the Enderman to teleport in your Minecraft house if you have an elevated ceiling your house will give an impression of a cool Minecraft mansion. This was done to give the impression that the Talosians had focused their efforts on mental development to the detriment of their physical strength and size, and also to give that much more of an alien feel to the Talosians. With the aid of the Talosians' illusions, she is able to appear beautiful and in good health, as much to herself as to any others. While there are so many things good about Solaris, there are some areas the developer still needs to work on. But those links are present in the linked version, so I didn't want that issue to come up again here. The first rocket version Falcon 9 v1.0 was launched five times from June 2010 to March 2013, its successor Falcon 9 v1.1 15 times from September 2013 to January 2016, and the Falcon 9 Full Thrust 172 times from December 2015 to present. Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2 is currently scheduled to run for five episodes. This is the last season to feature the character Lionel Hutz, voiced by Phil Hartman. Theobald, Phil (8 September 2006). "LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PlayStation 2)". GameSpy. The game's Australian release fell on 15 September for all platforms, but the Xbox 360 version was not released in this region. Download Minecraft PE 1.19.0 Wild Update with a working Xbox Live: rate the experimental viewer mode and beware of a new formidable mob. When a viewer Cheers, animated Bit gem emotes, Cheermotes (animated versions of popular emotes), or custom Cheermotes (for Partners) appear in Chat. The one decidedly disappointing element in this release, as pointed out in a recent news article on Cubed3 is the total lack of built-in voice chat in this release, which we can only hope the future Nintendo smartphone app will alleviate.

You can download Minecraft skins in PNG format from a host of websites for free. You can use Blockbench to create a usable skin PNG for your skin pack. Find and select your image, making sure it's the specified dimensions and PNG format, and click Open. MTN recorded 280 million subscribers, making it the 8th largest mobile network operator in the world, and the largest in Africa. Due to the large scale of a Minecraft world, End Portals are almost impossible to stumble upon by chance, as they are located in randomly-generated strongholds deep underground (unless a player found it with a specific seed). These are just moved and thrown severely. Some mods are also available on Xbox One. IGN Xbox Team. "Xbox Year in Review". IGN PlayStation Team. "PS2 2006 Year in Review". Devices, you can find options for audio devices as well as the PlayStation Camera. 1. Open Minecraft, then select Options and click Video Settings. Android's multi-manufacturer nature means there are far more options to choose from than Apple's one-company lineup. Your wood-based blocks are mostly going to be replaced by Sandstone, so do start piling that up as much as you can before getting started. Unlike previous soundtracks, where much of the music had been synthesized on computer, the soundtrack for Halo 3 was recorded using a 60-piece orchestra, along with a 24 voice chorus. The game's score and its soundtrack were generally well received. High-Speed: Video resolutions of 1080p and 4K (30Hz) as well as support for 3D and Deep Color. Down in the deep dark, every flailed limb, every opened chest or every thrown snowball can be sensed by this terrifying new mob: the Warden! These structures make the Deep Dark worth the risk of exploring, with Ancient Cities containing attractive and exclusive loot, such as Echo Shards, which can be used to craft Recovery Compasses that point to where the player last died. If you plan to use your iPad of choice as a drawing tablet, note-taking device, or for any purpose that requires a stylus, the extra price difference might be worth it for this one upgrade alone. The 3DO Company responded by emphasizing their console's large existing software library, lower price (both the Panasonic and Goldstar models were $299 by this time), and promised successor: the M2. The price of a traded item can rise when next resupplied, or fall from a risen price if not traded. So if you're looking for a singular chatbot that can spice up your Twitch chat and Discord chat all from the one location, Deepbot could be for you. By clicking the smiley face at the bottom of the chat box, you can look at all of the emotes available to you. Turn Around: The top button that has a circular arrow will turn the grid around so that you can see it from a different angle. However, since McLaren's car had started much farther back on the grid than Miles's, McLaren's car had covered the greatest distance over the 24 hours. This is pretty much the same reason why we stopped arbitrarily splitting filmography navboxes by decade years ago, so there is prior consensus for this approach. Apple's iPad line has been a popular way to keep kids entertained and educated for the better part of a decade. The Magic Keyboard Folio supported by the standard iPad gets you most of the way there by adding a trackpad and physical keyboard to your device, but it's missing the floating cantilever hinge that makes it viable to use your iPad as a literal lap-top device, as well as the USB-C pass-through port that provides connectivity for peripherals like external storage, wired input devices, and more.